March 22, 2023

Clock Reasoning Handwritten Notes

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Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site Today, we are providing you reasoning clock short handwritten notes PDF which helps you to understand all types of clock short tricks to solve questions in a few seconds which asked in competitive exams.

About Clock

A Clock is a device that shows Time. It essentially consists of two hands; one is an hour-hand and the other is a minute-hand. In the clock minute hand is always longer than the hour hand.
For simplicity, we will not consider the third hand of a clock; that is second-hand that is also present in many clocks and watches. Mainly clocks are circular, but we can now find them in other different shapes too. Irrespective of the shape of the dial of the clock; the tips of their hands hour as well as minute follow a circular path.

Circular Path of Clock

The circular path of the clock is divided into 12 equal parts, called Hour spaces. Each hour space is further divided into 5 equal parts which are called Minute spaces. Thus, the complete circular path of the clock is divided into 12 × 5 = 60-minute spaces. We know that 1 hour equals 60 minutes. Therefore, the time taken by the hour-hand; to move one hour-space is equaled to the time taken by the minute-hand to move 60 minute-spaces. From the above description, we notice that in 1 hour (or 60 minutes); the minute-hand passes 60 minute-spaces while the hour-hand moves 5 minute-spaces. Thus, we may conclude that in one hour, the minute-hand gains (60 – 5) = 55 minute-spaces over the hour-hand.

Type of question asked for the clock in the competitive exam:-


To determine Angle; between two hands of the clock in this type of question candidate given a time for which angle found out. For example, find the angle between two hands of the clock at 2:50 O’ clock?


To determine Time; in these types of questions, candidates give a time slot and an angle for which time is calculated. For example, find the time between 4 and 5 O’ clock both hand opposite (at 180°) to each other.


Question-related to Too Fast and slow clock asked sometimes in competitive exam.

In short, we will say that from clock topic sometime 1 or 2 questions asked in a competitive exam. So, this topic is not so much important for the exam. But we will do a little practice so that in case any question come from the clock topic; we will attempt it easily. Therefore, we will be providing you brief handwritten Notes for this topic which is sufficient to cover it.

Interested candidates can download Reasoning Clock Handwritten Notes PDF from the below available link.

Clock reasoning Handwritten notes
Clock reasoning Handwritten notes- Download Here

More Facts about the clock to be remembered:

  • Hour-hand made the angle in one hour equals to 360°/12 = 30°
  • The angle made by hour-hand in one minute equals to 30°/60 = 0.5°
  • Minute-hand made the angle in one minute equals to 360°/60 = 6°
  • When two hands of the clock are at the right angle (90°); they are 15 minutes apart from each other. This happens two times every hour.
  • When two hands of the clock are in opposite directions; they are 180° and 30 minutes apart from each other. This occurs only once in each hour.
  • In every hour, the two hands coincide once and made an angle of 0°. When two hands opposite and coincide, they are in a straight line.
  • The hands coincide 11 times every 12 hours, and 22 times in one day (24 hours); because there is a common position at 12 O’clock between 11 to 1 O’clock.
  • The hands of a clock are at right angles; twice in every hour but in 12 hours they are at right angles only 22 times; and in one day 44 times because there are two positions common between 3 O’clock and 9 O’clock.

Too Fast & Too Slow Clock:-

Too Fast: When the clock indicates time more than the actual time; it is said to be running too fast; by the difference between the actual time and the time indicated by the clock. For example-the clock indicates 10:30 PM; when the actual time is only 10:20 PM; it is said to be 10 minutes fast.

Too Slow: When the time indicated by the clock is less than the actual time; it is said to be too slow. For example- the clock indicates 8:30 PM; when the actual time is 8:35 PM; it is said to be slow by 5 minutes.

Other Reasoning Notes

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