June 4, 2023

Coding-Decoding Handwritten Notes

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Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site sarkarirojgarhelp.com; Today, we are providing you verbal reasoning coding-decoding short handwritten notes PDF; which helps you to understand all types of coding-decoding short tricks to solve questions in a few seconds which asked in competitive exams.


Coding:- To change a meaningful word to a meaningless word.
Decoding:- To change a meaningless word to meaningful word.
Coding is a method of transmitting a message between the sender and the receiver without the third person understand or comprehend it. The coded message can be decoded by the receiver as he knows the rule or method which was employed in encoding the message.

Therefore, the CODING-DECODING test is given in competitive exams to judge the candidate’s ability to decode the rule which is applied for coding a particular message and break the code to reveal the message. In this type of question letters in the word are replaced by other letters according to a specific rule to form a specific code. The candidate is required to detect the rule which is used in the coding pattern and answer the question accordingly.

Some tips to remember opposite alphabets

  • A-Z = AaZ 
  • B-Y = BoY
  • C-X = CifloX 
  • D-W = DeW 
  • E-V = EveN 
  • F-U = FlU 
  • G-T = GT road
  • H-S = High School
  • I-R = Indian Railway
  • J-Q = Jack Queen
  • K-P = Kurta Pyjama
  • L-O = Light On
  • M-N = MaN 

Type of questions of Coding-Decoding

Type-1 Substitution

In this type of question word is a substitute with other words.
For example- In a code language White is Red; Red is Blue; Blue is Yellow; Yellow is Black, and Black is Green then the color of leaves are_____?

Type-2 Matrix and Table

In this type of question, one matrix or two matrices of letters is given which have rows and columns and a word given like BOOK candidate required to find the code for matrix for the given word (BOOK) by checking rows and columns which are used to form the word. While in Table coding-decoding question a table give which have letters, numbers or special symbols by use of table candidate decode the code used in the given questions.

Type-3 Letters, Numbers, and Special symbols

In this type of question letters of the word replaced by certain other letters/numbers/symbols by use of specific patterns. The candidates are required to find out the coding pattern, and answer the questions. For example- In a certain code language MILD is written as NROW, then what will be the code for DOCTOR is the same language.

From Coding-Decoding 2 to 5 questions asked in every competitive exam, where Reasoning is a Section of Exam Syllabus. So, we are providing you free Coding-Decoding Handwritten Notes with short tricks to solve questions easily in a few seconds.

Interested candidates can download Coding-Decoding Handwritten Notes PDF from the below available link.

Coding Decoding handwritten notes

Reasoning coding-decoding Handwritten Notes PDF- Download Here

Other Reasoning Notes

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In SSC CGL, CHSL, Tier-1 Exam 25 question of 2 marks for each question asked from Reasoning section, In SSC CPO Tier-1 Exam 50 question of 1 marks for each question asked from Reasoning Section.

In SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Exam 50 question out of 200 asked from Reasoning Section of 50 Marks. In-state Recruitment exams like DSSSB various exams, various exams, and State PSC exams, and many other exams Reasoning plays a very important role to get a good score in the competitive exam.

In IBPS Banking Pre Exam one-third question asked from Reasoning Section and also in Main exam Reasoning Section has good weightage So Reasoning is an important and scoring Subject for all Competitive Exams.

Other Useful Notes

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