March 22, 2023

Direction Sense Handwritten Notes

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Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site Today, we are providing you Reasoning Direction Sense Handwritten notes PDF which helps you to understand all types of Direction Test short tricks to solve questions in a few seconds which asked in various competitive exams.

About Direction Sense Test

Obviously, by this topic examiner want to judge the candidate’s ability to trace, follow, and perceive the direction, described in some-what puzzled or complicated language, correctly. Therefore, in all competitive exam questions from the direction sense asked in the reasoning section of the exam.

At the same time, it is necessary to sketch out the directions as per the information provided in the question in the proper sequence. An error at any point would change your answer which results to wrong the question.

Type of Questions


In this type of question; a successive follow-up of directions and distance is formulated and on the basis of given information; candidates are asked to find the final direction with respect to the starting point or the shortest distance between the starting point and the final point.
In order to find the shortest straight distance between the two given points, use the Pythagoras formula:
(Hypotenuse)² = (Perpendicular)² + (Base)²
Sometimes in the question, both the final direction and the distance covered are asked in the exam.


In this type of question; a successive clockwise and anticlockwise rotation in direction with angle given and candidates and candidates asked to find final facing direction or and final direction from starting point.


In this type of question; conditions for the direction given like East called North and North called West, etc. and sometimes question related to the accident of a direction pole by this it shows the wrong direction; such type question asked in the exam.

In short, we will say that this topic is a very important exam point of view. So, candidates require to do a lot of practice to solve direction sense questions. Therefore, we will be providing you short direction sense test handwritten notes PDF by that you can easily understand this topic.

Interested Candidates can download Reasoning Direction Sense Test Handwritten Notes PDF from the below available link.

Direction Sense Handwritten Notes

Direction Sense Handwritten NotesDownload Here

More fact about Direction Test to be remembered:
  • Right Turn – Clockwise Direction
  • Left Turn – Anticlockwise Direction
  • If a person takes two Left or Right turns than he faced the opposite direction.
  • If a person takes four Left or Right turns than he faced the same direction.

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