May 12, 2021

List of Human Diseases notes PDF

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List of Human Diseases notes PDF – Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site Today, we are providing you human diseases list PDF which help you to learn all Protozoa, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi Diseases easily. From Diseases questions asked in competitive exams. So, this PDF help you to learn all important diseases asked in exams.


Diseases caused by Protozoa:

MalariaR.B.CPlasmodium (Female Anopheles)Destroys R.B.C
PyorrhoeaGumsEntamoeba GingivalisBleeding
Sleeping SicknessBrainTrypanosoma (Tsetse Fly)High Fever Sleepiness
DysenteryIntestinesEntamoeba HistolyticaVomit Loose Motion
Kala-azar (Visceral Leishmaniasis)Liver Spleen Bone MarrowLeishmania Sand flyBone marrow affected
DiarrhoeaIntestineAscaris LumbricoidesVomit Loose Motions
FilariaFeetWuchereria BancroftiInflammation of the leg and testis.

Diseases Caused by Bacteria:

TetanusNervous SystemClostridium TetaniLock jaw
CholeraIntestineVibrio CholeraeLoose motion
TrachomaCornea of EyeChlamydia TrachomatisAche in Eyes
TyphoidIntestineSalmonella TyphiHoles in Intestines
TuberculosisLungsMycobacterium TuberculosisBreathing Issues
DiphtheriaRespiratory TractCorynebacterium DiphtheriaeSuffocation
Whooping coughRespiratory SystemHaemophilus Pertussis Bordetella PertussisSevere Cough
Bubonic PlagueR.B.CFormerly known as Pasteurella Pestis Now known as Yersinia PestisFever, unconsciousness
PneumoniaLungsDiplococcus PneumoniaeFluid in lungs (Swelling)

Vaccinations for Bacterial Diseases:

  • DPT Vaccination – Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping cough
  • BCG (Baccilus Calmittee Guarine) Vaccination – Tuberculosis

Diseases caused by Viruses:

AIDSW.B.CHIVImmune System affected (WBCdecrease)
DengueWhole BodyBillions of virusHead & Joint Pain
MeaslesWhole BodyMeasles morbillivirusRedness on body
JaundiceLiverMillions of VirusYellow in skin and eyes
RabiesNervous SystemRabies lyssavirusHydrophobia
HerpesSkinHerpes VirusSkin Swell
PolioWhole bodyPolio VirusPain in body
InfluenzaWhole bodyMyxovirusSneezing
Chicken PoxWhole bodyVaricella Zoster VirusHigh fever & rash
Small PoxWhole bodyVariola VirusLight fever & rash

Diseases caused by Fungi:

AsthmaLungsAspergillus fumigatusLung blockage
Athlete’s footSkinTinea pedisSwelling in feet
ScabiesSkinAcariasis scabiesItching in body
BaldnessScalpTinea capitisBaldness
RingwormSkinTrichophytonA round, flat patch of
Itch screen

Interested Candidates can download Biology Human Eye Notes PDF from the below available link.

List of Human Diseases notes PDF

List of Human Diseases notes PDF – Download Here

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