May 27, 2022

list of measuring instruments pdf

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List of all Important Measuring Instruments in English PDF– Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site today, we are providing you a list of all Important Measuring Instruments in English pdf.

Sometimes related to Measuring Instruments question asked in competitive exams. So in this post, we will provide you a complete list of all important Measuring Instruments list is given by which you can learn them easily.

list of the important measuring instrument

  • Bolometer – electromagnetic radiation
  • Dynamometer – force, torque or power
  • Fathometer – ocean depth
  • Hygrometer- humidity
  • Lactometer – Specific gravity of milk
  • Magnetometer – the strength of magnetic fields
  • Manometer – the pressure of the gas
  • Odometer – distance travel
  • Photometer – illuminance or irradiance
  • Pyrometer – high temperatures
  • Rain gauge – measuring of rain
  • Radiometer – radiant flux of electromagnetic radiation
  • Sextant – the location on earth’s surface (used in naval navigation)
  • Spectrometer – speed, the velocity of a vehicle
  • Tachometer – revolutions per minute, speed of airplanes
  • Visco meter – viscosity of a fluid
  • Wind vane – wind direction, etc.

Interested candidates can download it for a free list of measuring instruments pdf from the below available link.

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list of measuring instruments pdf

List of all Important Measuring Instrument in English PDF download Click-Here

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