December 4, 2021

Number System Handwritten Notes

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Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site; Today, we are providing you Free Number System handwritten notes PDF, which helps you to understand all types of number system short tricks to solve questions in a few seconds which asked in competitive exams.

Number System:

In Mathematics Number System is a writing system for expressing different numbers. In Mathematics different types of numbers used in Number System Chapter that are followings:-

  • Natural Numbers
  • Whole Numbers
  • Integers
  • Odd Numbers
  • Even Numbers
  • Prime Numbers
  • Co-Prime Numbers
  • Composite
  • Rational Numbers
  • Irrational Numbers
  • Real Numbers

Types of questions asked in the exam:

Type-1 Questions based on Division Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Type-2 Questions based on the Fractional Numbers (Vulgar Fraction and Decimal Fraction).

Type-3 Questions based on the finding smallest and largest number.

Type-4 Questions based on the finding ascending and descending order of numbers.

Type-5 Questions based on the find unit digit of a number.

Type-6 Questions based on the sum of Consecutive natural numbers, even numbers, odd numbers and prime numbers etc.

Type-7 Questions based on the sum of series (A.P. and G.P).

Type-8 Questions based on the Divisibility rules of numbers.

Type-9 Questions based on the Division formula.

Type-10 Questions based on the Factors of number (Prime Factors, Odd Factors, and even factors).

Type-11 Questions based on the successive division.

Type-12 Miscellaneous Questions.

From Number System 1 to 3 questions asked in various competitive exams. So, we provided you Free complete Number System Handwritten Notes PDF in English by which you can easily understand all short cut methods to solve Number System questions easily.

Interested candidates can download Number System Handwritten Notes PDF from the below available link.

Number system Handwritten notes

Number System Handwritten Notes PDF- Download Here

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