March 22, 2023

Reasoning Inequality Notes PDF

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Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site Today we providing you Reasoning Inequality topic short tricks notes PDF in English. In the notes, we use Boss, Supervisor, and Public to solve tricks to solve Inequalities. By using this trick, candidates can solve any question from Inequalities around 10 to 15 seconds. Previously in every banking exam, at least 5 questions are asked from this topic. But now TCS is the vendor for mostly exam so questions from equality are asked in many exams like railways exams, SSC various exams, DSSSB various exams, and also in other competitive exams.

There are two types of questions asked from inequality:

  1. Direct Inequality
  2. Coded inequality

Type-1: Direct Inequality

In these types of questions, candidates will be provided with a statement consisting of a group of elements. These elements will be having a certain relationship among them which is denoted by different inequality symbols like >, <, ≥, ≤, =, etc.

Candidate should know the meaning of different symbols used in inequality which will help them in finding the relationship between the different elements of a statement.

For convenience, the relationship between the statements and their meaning is given below in a tabular form.

1.P > QP is greater than Q.
2.P < QP is smaller than Q.
3.P ≥ QP is greater than or Equals to Q.
4.P ≤ QP is smaller than or Equals to Q.                
5.P = QP is equals to Q.
6.P ≠ Q
P is either greater than or smaller than Q.

The table given above shows the six symbols used in inequality. While in the exam, Candidates will find a statement that will have a relationship between more than 2 elements.

Tricks to solve Inequality based question:

Candidates should keep in mind the priority order of inequality symbols while solving these type question:

  • < or > Boss (first priority)
  • ≤ or ≥ Supervisor (second priority)
  •    =     Public (third priority)

Important Point to be remember:

  1. Relation – When all sing is in same direction.
  2. No Relation – When sing in opposite direction.

Trick 1: Whenever in a statement candidate get both the priority 1 in opposite order (P>Q<R) there will be a conflict and thus no conclusion.

If P > Q < R Then

P < Q = False & R > P = False.


If P > Q >R then

P > R = True, R < P = True


  • Statement:  P < S > R < T > Q
  • Conclusions:

1) R > Q   → False

2) P < T   → False

3) S > Q   → False         

In simple way, whenever these two signs come in opposite direction the answer will be false.

Trick 2: Whenever in a statement candidate get both the priority 2 in opposite order (P≥ Q ≤R) there will be a conflict and thus no conclusion.

If P ≥ Q ≤R Then P ≤ R = False & R ≥ P = False.


If P ≥ Q ≥ R then P ≥ R = True, R ≤ P = True.


  • Statement: Q ≥ S ≤ P ≥ U ≤ R
  • Conclusions:

1) P ≥ R → False

2) Q ≤ U → False

3) S ≥ R → False

Type-2: Coded Inequality

Coded Inequality in which coded symbols (like *, $, & #, %, &, etc.) will be given and candidates required to solve given code to from a single line inequality equation.


In the following question, the symbols (*, $, #, % and @) are used with the following meanings as illustrated below:

  • ‘M%N’ means ‘M’ is greater than ‘N’.
  • ‘M#N’ means ‘M’ is smaller than ‘N’.
  • ‘M$N’ means ‘M’ is either greater than or equal ‘N’.
  • ‘M*N’ means ‘M’ is either smaller than or equal to ‘N’.

‘M@N’ means ‘M’ is equal to ‘N’.

A) If only conclusion I is true.

B) If only conclusion II is true.

C) If either conclusion I or II is true.

D) If neither conclusion I nor II is true.

E) If both conclusions I and II are true

Statement: D * E, E#F, F*G


I. D # G

II. E * G

Answer: A


D ≤ E < F ≤ G.

Hence, D < G which implies Conclusion I is true.

As E < G which implies conclusion II is not true

This was all about THE tricks to solve Inequality questions in the competitive exams. So, try the above tricks to solve the Inequality based questions.

Interested Candidates can download Reasoning Inequality notes PDF from the below available link.

Reasoning Inequality notes PDF – Download Here

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