June 4, 2023

Verbal Analogy Reasoning Handwritten Notes

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Hello Aspirants, welcome to our site sarkarirojgarhelp.com Today, we are providing you Verbal Analogy Reasoning Handwritten notes which help you to understand all types of Direction Test short tricks to solve questions in a few seconds which asked in various competitive exams.

About Verbal Analogy

Verbal Analogy is an important topic of Reasoning Section of competitive exams; because from this topic questions asked in various competitive exams by which examiners test the candidate’s ability to compare and choose proper relationship among the given items on the basis of a certain commonality in given options in the question. Apart from common types of relationship sometimes unusual types of relationship is provided in the question which makes questions level tough. Therefore, the chapter on Analogy is aimed not only testing candidates’ reasoning ability but overall general knowledge, IQ, as well as the power of decision making.

The word ANALOGY has been derived from two root words taken together: ANA meaning “Relation” and LOGUS meaning “Knowledge”.

The word ANALOGY is a Noun which literally means a similar state, feature, and condition, etc. shared by two things or items that are compared and a process of reasoning based on the similar feature of two things. Thus, Analogy means similarity between given two things. Questions from Verbal Analogy asked to judge candidates’ ability to understand the diverse relationship between various elements, things, phenomena, acts, terms, etc. in their proper context. A candidate can develop and improve his ability to solve the Verbal Analogy question with sufficient practice and awareness.

Questions from Analogy to pair analogous things or items cover almost all types of relationship or commonality that one can think of and which we generally observe in our day-to-day life.

Some common types of relationship which frequently appear in the examinations have been listed below:
  • State and capital relationship
  • Country and Currency Relationship
  • Country and Name of the Parliament
  • matter and its state relationship
  • instruments and measurement relationship
  • quantity and unit relationship
  • worker and product relationship
  • word and its synonym relationship
  • word and its antonym relationship
  • Animal and its individual trait
  • Animal and its habitat relationship
  • Country and Its National Games/Sports
  • Sex relationship (Male and Female)
  • Parents and child relationship
  • worker and working place relationship
  • Tool and action relationship
  • raw material and product relationship
  • Worker and tool relationship
  • Term and its subject-matter
  • Part and the whole relationship
  • Word and intensity relationship
  • Country and national emblem relationship
  • Disease and causative organism
  • Alphabet analogy
  • Numeral Analogy

In short, we will say that this topic is a very important exam point of view. So, candidates require to do a lot of practice to solve the verbal analogy questions and also work to improve general awareness. Therefore, we will be providing you short verbal analogy handwritten notes PDF by that you can easily understand this topic.

Interested Candidates can download Verbal Analogy Notes PDF from the below available link.

Verbal Analogy Reasoning Handwritten notes

Verbal Analogy Reasoning Handwritten notes – Download here

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